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The customer of the Highland County Water Company, Inc. is responsible for the line between the meter installation (water tap) and the dwelling.  We do not inspect your installation from the meter connection to your dwelling and therefore accept no responsibility for problems occurring on that portion of your water system.  You may connect your service line to the three to four foot stub provided for you by the Highland County Water Company, Inc. You are not permitted to connect directly to the Company meter setter contained inside the meter pit (crock). The Highland County Water Company, Inc. is recommending that each water customer consider the following specifications for their water service lines:

1.    The use of 1” PE (polyethylene) pipe. Rated working pressure of 200 psi (pounds per square inch) and of iron pipe size. Other pipe which may be considered is 1” PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe.
2.    The minimum cover over the top of the pipe should be 36 inches to prevent freezing in the winter months.
3.    Service pipe should be laid with slight curves in the trench and should avoid a straight trench to the residence to allow for expansion and contraction of the pipe during the season changes.
4.    If the residence is 500 feet or more off the road the customer should consider a larger service line than 1” to prevent loss of pressure at the residence.

The Highland County Water Company, Inc. does require a shut off valve be installed on your service line where it enters the residence or dwelling. The shut off valve at the Company’s meter setter is for Company use only and was not intended for continued use.

The Ohio EPA and the Board of Health have regulations that state it is unlawful to cross-connect a Public Water Supply to a Private untreated Water Supply. Therefore, we recommend that you use a method of
(1)    Approved backflow preventer, (2) your own shut off valve, (3) your pressure reducing valve, (4) your check valve (some pressure reducing valves have built in check valves).  

The law provides the Company the right to inspect any customers system for the above mentioned cross-connection and to allow the Company to disconnect or disallow service when a cross-connection exists.

The minimum monthly bill for your water service is rendered monthly whether or not water is being used and will commence on the day the water tap is installed and the Highland County Water Company, Inc. is capable of rendering service to that location.